Alien Banana Candy 

Indica-dominant Alien Banana Candy tops our list with THC levels reaching up to 35%. Portland’s Shango dispensary won first place with the strain in the 2020 G.O.A.T Cup awards. Alien Banana Candy features genetics from both Alien Rock Candy and Banana OG. The combination produces small to medium, light-green buds with violet accents and burnt-orange pistils. Myrcene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene dominate Alien Banana Candy’s terpene profile, producing a buttery vanilla flavor and a strong citrus aroma.

Cookies Gelato

The folks at Royal Queen Seeds crossed popular Girl Scout Cookies and creamy Gelato to find the ideal strain for THC-lovers with a sweet tooth. Balanced genetics make Cookies Gelato the perfect anytime strain, but beginners should exercise caution as the buds can contain up to 28% THC. Cookies Gelato responds well to low-stress training, flowers around 8-10 weeks, and produces indoor yields of around 600 grams per square meter.

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Runtz Muffin

Indica genetics and a rich terpene profile give the buds a relaxing yet uplifting vibe that’s equally suited for laid-back social occasions or curling up with a good book. A generous myrcene content combined with plenty of limonene and a touch of linalool give Runtz Muffin buds a sweet citrusy flavor with slight floral overtones. Runtz Muffin seeds typically produce indoor yields of up to 600 grams per square meter. However, the strain thrives in outdoor settings as the plants tolerate a range of environmental conditions. Harvest time can be stretched well into October with hearty Runtz Muffin genetics.


Top Cannabis Strains for Christmas 2020 - RQS Blog

Released by Barney’s Farm in 2019, Glookies combines the sweet flavor of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies with Gorilla Glue #4’s gargantuan, ultra-resinous buds. Glookies’ terpene profile offers one of the most unique combinations of tastes and aromas of any strain on the market today. Starting with a nutty base, reminiscent of chocolate or coffee, Glookies’ flavor releases sweet lime and mint notes with a potent skunky finish. Glookie’s’ 80:20 indica-to-sativa ratio makes it a well-suited MMJ strain for treating PTSD or chronic pain. The hybrid strain offers a pronounced body buzz and a relaxed, stoney euphoria.

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Cherry Punch 

Symbiotic Genetics created sativa-dominant Cherry Punch by crossing Purple Punch with Cherry AK47. The genetic combo produces lush plants with dark green buds, purple accents, and an almost overwhelming fruit flavor. Ample amounts of limonene and humulene give Cherry Punch a double dose of citrusy terps, adding sour notes and a potent skunk fragrance.

Well-trained Cherry Punch plants produce indoor yields reaching around 600 grams per square foot. However, Cherry Punch thrives in the Northern California climate, where it can fetch up to 1200 grams per plant outdoors.

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