Are you unsure about choosing the suitable clamp on pallet forks for you? Well, this article is made for you. Even though our front-end workers have a quick attach coupler, we spend big buckets on sharp connect pallet forks.


We can stay seated on the tractor while scooping up pallets to ensure you complete your target on the clamp-on pallet forks. The flat solid steel forks are much more convenient to maneuver under a pallet being able to see the difference of forks through the frame.


But we started selling an affordable clamp on pallet forks, which justified its usefulness, and bought a set of quick attach forks.

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  • Titan clamp on pallet forks


Pallet forks hang on lag screws on the wall, precisely below the shoulder height, to keep lifting to a minimum spot. Each clamp on forks weighs around 50 pounds, so being able to hoist them on your shoulders is easy.


These titan pallet forks have a keyhole cut in the bottom to accept a hook or chain link. Other designs presented may have a hoop or a bunchy spot eyelet to hook. The option is to pull a load blinder on the top of the pallet fork and then attach the other end to the chain.


These take a few cranks on the blinders and chain them out in a tight position. By comparison, most clamp-on pallet forks are made of rectangular steel tubing, making them a lot thicker than the standard pallet forks.

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  • Blue diamond clamp on pallet forks


Blue diamond, a trusted manufacturer of skid steer items, also are engaged in pallet forks and types. Clamp-on pallet forks are designed with long extensions that slide over the edges of your bucket or spade and clamp down, locking the unit in place.


Most clamps on pallet forks are rectangular to ensure a sense of thickness to it. This makes it stuffy to slide the forks under the pallet, especially on uneven ground. It often has to stand up to see where the forks have landed, and it can be challenging to get all the forks to go under a pallet without letting them hit the top or bottom of the pallet.

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However, the more you use it, the better you get the experience.


If you are planning to buy clamp-on pallet forks, here are the pros and cons to keep in mind.




  • Clamp-on pallet forks are suitable if you will use them occasionally.
  • Ideally, it is an excellent choice to choose when you don’t have a quick attach bucket.
  • They are cheap, especially from the Titan brand, and available on Amazon.
  • They are relatively easy to pick in and easy to remove.




  • Due to the buckets involved, you will tend to have poor visibility of the forks.
  • The thickness of the forks makes it more strenuous to position under pallets.
  • In some cases, you lose some of the tractor’s lift capacity because the forks are set in front by the depth of the bucket.
  • One main thing to be mentioned, the clamp on pallet forks can twist and turn your bucket under heavy loads without having the support of straps and chains.
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Over to you


We hope this article is helpful for you in getting to know which clamp-on pallet forks are suitable for you.

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