With only a few weeks left of the NCAA basketball season, it’s time to start thinking about college basketball predictions for the rest of the season. While it’s always smart to look up the odds on any given game, it’s also a good idea to consider trends and key stats before making your bets. In addition, you should also look into the injury reports for any team that’s playing a game. It’s a good idea to find out how an injured player will impact the team’s chances of winning.


One of the most popular types of bets in college basketball is betting against the spread. The spread is designed to level the playing field and make it easier for bettors to make a profit. This way, no matter which team wins the game; the bettor will get a positive point start. However, it’s not a perfect system and many teams are known for avoiding the spread.

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Another type of bet is a futures bet. These are based on predictions made later in the season, and can be huge. If you do well, you can make a lot of money. You may want to check out Action Network’s NCAAB futures.


Another popular betting method is to bet on an individual team. For instance, if a team has a star, it’s likely to be a favorite. Similarly, if a team has a lot of injuries, it’s likely to be a dark horse. Unless the injuries are extreme, you should have a good chance of picking the right team in this type of bet.


Despite a disappointing year, Baylor looks like it has some good wins on the season. Their defense is solid, and they’ve had good offensive glass and shooting. They’ve also looked pretty good in mid-range. But they’ve had some defensive woes this year.

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The Arkansas Razorbacks have had a pair of impressive wins, but they’re not at their best yet. Nick Smith Jr., the team’s leading scorer, will likely not be available until the second half of the season. He’s been red hot, though, and he’s averaging 12.9 points per game. His team has also reached double figures in eight of the last nine games.


Iowa State has had an up-and-down season, but they’ve also been a bit of a sleeper in the Big Ten race. They’re a decent offensive team, and they play slow, clean ball. However, they’re turnover-prone. To win this game, they’ll have to show up on the offensive glass and keep the ball moving.

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Missouri has been a tough team all year, but they have some good players. Joe Girard and Devonte’ Graham are both scoring leaders, and their team is also strong on the boards. Having them both on the floor at the same time could help them grind out a win.


TCU is another team that’s been on a roll lately. They’re 16-4 on the year, and they’ve won five of their last six games. Their team props are also very strong, and they’ve been able to cover the spread in nine of their last 10 games.


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