The Himalayan salt lamp is made up of a huge chunk of natural pink salt mined from the Khewra salt mines in Pakistan. These lamps made from natural salt have a light bulb in the middle and offer a warm glow that many people find comforting.

 Himalayan salt lamps are lovely interior décor items with many meditative and therapeutic benefits. This good light alternative soothes the senses & cures many health problems, imparting a feeling of serenity and relaxing you completely.

Salt lamps are actually made up of natural salt, which on its own has a typical white color. But the trace minerals mined along with the salt are greatly responsible for the beautiful color of the salt lamps. Himalayan salt lamps have become increasingly popular because of one thing – negative ions. When the salt is heated, it emits negative ions in the air, which are highly beneficial for our body. On the other hand, positive ions released due to radiation from electronic devices are considered bad for our well-being since they can lead to irregular sleep patterns, stress, and exhaustion. Genuine Himalayan salt lamps balance these positive ions in the air by killing them with negative ions.

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How Does a Salt Lamp Work?

 Ions are surrounding us. Some come from particles from outer space that advance toward Earth. Others form closer to home from radiation, sunlight, lightning, or the collision of water drops in a waterfall.

Some individuals say they feel more revived and clear-headed after rainfall or storm, a feeling they accept is due to the amount of negative ions in the air. Commercial ionizers and purification frameworks also produce negatively charged particles to make cleaner and more comfortable indoor spaces.

Himalayan salt lamps deliver negatively charged particles while water atoms present in the air draw in to – and afterward dissipate from the heat of its surface. The people who trust these lamps’ medical advantages give negative particles a significant part of the credit.

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Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

  • Improve air quality
  • Great low-light & night light lamp
  • Boost the mood
  • Provide relaxation & improved sleep
  • Ease allergies
  • Relieve asthma symptoms
  • Work as antidepressant
  • Alleviate symptoms of the common cold
  • Boost memory & concentration
  • Light & color therapy benefits

Keeping a salt light at home or office has several other benefits. However, there are also some myths associated with them.

Myth 1 – Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Release Negative Ions?

 Indeed, salt lamps do deliver negative ions in modest quantities. The key is to use these lamps consistently for a long time. Electronic gadgets, for example, TV and PCs, are said to release positive ions that cause sleeping disorders, allergies, and stress. The negative ions, on the other hand, proceed to neutralize the positive particles, and thus, the air gets cleaner.

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Myth 2 – Himalayan Salt Lamps Can Be Harmful

 The weighty metal content of pink salt isn’t much; consequently, a salt lamp is safe for your health except if it is continually licked. Simply ensure to keep it out of the range of pets. In case the pets get addicted to licking these lamps, it may lead to salt toxicity or salt poisoning.

Myth 3 – Himalayan Salt Lamps Can Make People Feel Sick

 Not in any way; salt lamps can never make anyone feel sick or uncomfortable. These genuine pink salt lamps release negative ions and not positive ions. A study showed that negative ions thus help in providing relief from sleep deprivation, depression, nausea, irritability, lethargy, and so on. Salt lamps are known for such health issues and fill a person with good energy and a happy feeling

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Myth 4 – Himalayan Salt Lamps Are Not Hygroscopic

 This is a complete myth. As natural salt is hygroscopic by nature, Himalayan salt lamps made of it are hygroscopic as well. Because of this quality, such a lamp can draw in water vapors and the allergens bacteria, and microbes the vapor carries to its surface, subsequently purifying the air all the while.

To ensure all the health benefits, it is, however, must go only for the authentic Himalayan salt lamp. No matter big or small in size, genuine quality lamps will offer various health benefits.

How to Choose a High-Quality Himalayan Salt Lamp?

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 People who are interested in adding this attractive item to home décor should consider a few factors for buying the best quality lamp –

  • Color – Dark-colored salt lamps are commonly considered as good. Lamps should specify that they are made up of 100% pure Himalayan salt, as cheap imitated products might be made up of lower quality salt.
  • Texture – Rough texture of the lamp determines its hygroscopic potential. Rough textured lamps have a higher surface area and are known to be highly effective in improving air quality. They give a natural look and are perfect for home decoration with plenty of benefits.
  • Bulb – Check for the bulb quality as well. LED bulbs are not capable of accomplishing heat production. The hygroscopic advantages are due to the perfect combination of salt and heat, so it is a must to use a heat-producing bulb.
  • Size – The bigger the salt lamp, the greater the effect. Smaller lamps weigh 5-6 lbs, while bigger ones can weigh up to 50 lbs. Smaller lamps are less expensive and suitable to be placed in the study room, bedroom, office desk, etc., whereas it is best to use more oversized lamps for bigger areas to avail the benefits.
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Remember, Himalayan pink salt crystals will start to dissolve with prolonged exposure to high humidity. Thus, it is essential to watch any Himalayan salt lamps close to the source of steam, for example, dishwashers, clothing machines, or showers.

Also, as recently referenced, consequences of negative ion generation might require about seven days to be observable, so don’t surrender if you don’t feel the improvement immediately.

Himalayan salt lights are an excellent light source that might offer the advantages of various treatments by cleaning the air hygroscopically and alleviating allergies. In addition, they are an excellent no-blue light source to use in the evening and at night and sleep-friendly light for kids.

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