The cannabis industry has rapidly expanded in the past few decades due to its range of benefits. But did you know that the extraction of cannabis even began a century before the industrial revolution?

With the advancement in technology, ‘cannabis’ or ‘marijuana’ became highly beneficial in the treatment of biological and psychological conditions.

Since the extracted cannabis is nearly 99% pure than its raw form, this shifted the focus from its recreational properties to its extensive use in the pharma sector.

Cannabis extractors deal with the nuances of the art of extraction by using desired solvents and extraction equipment. This helps to obtain the targeted concentrates for curing diseases like arthritis, schizophrenia, and chronic pain, among others.

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What is Cannabis Extraction?

Cannabis extraction is the process of converting raw cannabis into usable products. It involves removing the oils from the cannabis plant to collect essential compounds like THC, CBD, and terpenes.

The rapidly growing practice of extraction has significantly improved the sale value of extracted concentrates and products. It is due to the higher recreational and medicinal benefits of the derived components.

What do Cannabis Extractors do?

Cannabis Oil Extraction Machine: The Complete Buying Guide - SaintyTec

Cannabis extractors are the experts who can safely and effectively produce consumable products from cannabis plants.

The process of extraction is highly scientific, and thus, demands utmost dedication. Cannabis extractors begin the procedure by selecting the right solvent, extraction equipment, and technique designed specifically for the targeted end-products.

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Since the cannabinoid market is ever-evolving, Cannabis extractors take careful note of consumer demands, cost efficiency, and consumer safety when manufacturing their products.

What Essential Measures do Cannabis Extractors Follow?

Due to the complicated nature of the extraction process, Cannabis extractors are required to observe certain safeguards.

These include:

  • Certified license: A valid license is required for an extraction facility to operate. The laws and regulations concerning licensing processes vary for different countries that must be considered.
  • Safety: Ensuring safety in extraction labs is the utmost responsibility of the Cannabis extractors. It includes ventilated and risk-free facilities, regular employee training, and the use of personal protective equipment.
  • High-quality extraction equipment: The yield of the end-products is directly dependent upon the raw material and extraction equipment used. Thus, it is recommended to only use quality products.
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A successful Cannabis extractor knows how to perfectly balance the art and science involved in the extraction process. Thus, from selecting the finest raw materials to choosing the efficient storage facilities, ensure no compromises with quality for the utmost customer satisfaction.

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