It’s okay to make mistakes or not be prepared for everything, since we all begin somewhere. The purpose of this article is to give a quick overview of all the accessories that will help or hinder your experience. Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert are the three categories we divided it into. This division was chosen because it is easy to comprehend and you will always know where you stand in your cigar journey.

Please note that all tools and accessories we are talking about in this article have been tried by us over a period of two years. No one of the brands has endorsed us, nor has this been a paid advertising campaign.

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Now that’s out of the way, here are our thoughts about the various Zigarren Zubehör you should keep in mind.

Cutter With Double Blades

It is the simplest and most efficient tool for cutting cigars that has two blades. It’s as simple as opening the cutter, placing your cigar inside, and closing the cutter. Spending that extra money on a fancy cutter is a waste of money. If you can find a sharp blade in a plastic one, you’re good to go. In our opinion, the Firebird Nighthawk Cutter is the best under $10 USD because it has the sharpest blade of all the knives at its price point. Additionally, one blade of the device is fixed, ensuring that the cut will be sharp and precise.

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Humidor for 25 to 50 Counts

The Essential Guide to Cigar Accessories | by All Things Cigars | Medium

It is a common mistake we all make when we start enjoying cigars and we think “I will buy a humidor for 10 cigars”.
We have been there, so just take our word for it. “I won’t smoke more than 10 cigars, sure.” Humidors that hold 25 cigars are not that much more expensive than those holding 10. Invest in a humidor with a capacity of 25 to 50 cigars to start with, so you’ll always have room to grow even if you only have a few. It is best to pick a humidor that is made of good cedar on the inside and does not have a glass top, so the moisture is retained. Maintaining the humidity is important for the cigars’ health. Maintaining and seasoning a humidor is no longer a complicated process. Check out this article: Cigars 101 – A Guide to Better Cigar Storage for more information about cigar storage.

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Humidity Packs That You Can Set And Forget

In addition, boveda is one of the brands we give credit to when they deserve it and we are not paid or endorsed by any brands. One of their most outstanding contributions is simplifying the humidity for cigars.

By inventing a two-way humidity control system, Boveda revolutionized the industry. It’s as simple as choosing your desired humidity level, placing the packs inside the humidor, and replacing them when they become hard. There’s no hassle, no worries, just a relaxed experience where you can be certain your cigars are always ready to smoke. Packs of 69% or 72% are recommended for small humidors. Besides a seasoning kit for your brand new humidor, Bolveda offers a set of cleaning kits for your humidor as well. These are very important steps for the health of your humidor and cigars.

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