Among the 15 minerals found in the mountain water is calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which are naturally found in the volcanic ash of Vichy. This is what gives Vichy skincare products their effect.

There are 15 minerals and mineral nutrients essential to the health of the skin found in Vichy volcanic mineralizing water, which is preserved 4,000 meters deep in the Auvergne Volcanoes in France. Products are still being developed here to this day.

The thermal water originates from a protected area that has been free of pollution since 1874, reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier. The traceability of natural fortifying properties is ensured through rigorous testing.

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The Product Has Been Tested Under Dermatological Supervision

Health professionals such as pharmacists and dermatologists are involved in developing and testing Vichy’s formulas. Only the active ingredients are delivered at the recommended dosage. Even after the products are released onto the market, our laboratories continue to track them as part of our commitment to you.

Dermocosmetics Pioneer

Our history makes us proud of Vichy. He discovered Vichy Mineralizing Water in 1931 while serving as the director of Vichy Thermal Center. This is the first time thermal water has been used in cosmetics, leading to the brand Vichy.

Here's the Correct Skin Care Routine Order for Flawless Skin | Teen Vogue

A pioneer, he created the first serum in pharmacies after developing skin-type based skincare routines, and he developed beauty advice guides for women based on his medical background.

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Clinically Tested, Hypoallergenic Formulations are Available from Us.

Thichy’s skincare products aim to soothe sensitive skin and are hypoallergenic. These products utilize ingredients and fragrances that are free of allergens. Dermatologists have tested these ingredients and fragrances to ensure the safety of the formulas.

Dermatologists ensure the safety of their formulas by using ingredients and fragrances that have been developed to combat allergens.

Vichy products are defined by our commitment to seven commitments that guide the formulation process.

Creating Your Own Skincare Routine

Created by dermatologists, Skinconsult AI helps you discover your strengths. A system of artificial intelligence enables this. You can discover the right routine to maintain healthy strong skin.

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