If you are looking for a reliable source of NBA picks today, you are in the right place. You can find expert predictions for every game, from the first quarter to the NBA Finals. And the best part is, you can access your picks whenever and wherever you want. Using the action app, you can see how your picks are performing live in real time. This makes betting on the NBA a lot more exciting.


The best way to make a solid pick is to understand the context of the game. A team may be a heavy underdog if it is playing in a high-intensity matchup. It may also be a good idea to consider the team’s recent games. Some teams play better at home, while others thrive on the road. For instance, Detroit is 15 1/2 games behind the leading Bucks. However, the Pistons have a win-loss record of 11-30.

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Another good indication of how good a team is is its shooting statistics. A player with a good shot can be a very valuable asset to a handicapper. Knowing the number of shots a player shoots per game can help you in your decision-making process.


Another factor that may be important is the speed of play. In the NBA, a team that can get in and out of possession quickly is a good bet, especially if you’re betting against a spread. Fortunately, most sports books allow you to put a handicap on a game. This means you will get a team that is one point or more under the line, but the game isn’t over until the end of the third quarter.

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You can also look for trends in game logs, in-game stats, and Twitter accounts. Many sports writers cover their team’s games nationally, which can help you understand how they are doing. Even local news can be useful in gauging a team’s mood.


Odds are an important factor in your basketball picks, so look into the odds for each of your team’s opponents. Most NBA games have a moneyline, which is usually around -600. When you are betting against the spread, you will need to put up at least $100 to win. Putting up less won’t give you any extra money, but you might win more.

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Lastly, remember that the best bet for today’s game is not necessarily the best bet for tomorrow’s game. If you’re betting on the Clippers, you’ll be happy to know that the most reputable handicapper will have them as a -4. That’s a lot more than the Lakers, though.


So, which is the best place to make your NBA picks? Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned bettor, Oddspedia is the way to go. Picks are made by professional tipsters, so you’re sure to find some great picks. Not only will you be able to find predictions for the next few games, but you can also track the performance of different tipsters by voting for the best of them in a variety of categories.

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