Uncovering Dzheikhun Kerimov’s Wealth: Net Worth Revealed!


We all love to know about the rich and famous and how they accumulated their wealth. In this post, we are going to explore Dzheikhun Kerimov’s riches and how he made his fortune. Dzheikhun Kerimov is a Russian-born billionaire who is known for his involvement in the mining industry. His wealth has been the subject of much speculation and controversy, but in this post, we aim to provide accurate information regarding his net worth and how he acquired it.

Section 1: Early Life and Background

Dzheikhun Kerimov was born on January 4, 1968, in Derbent, Russia. He spent most of his childhood in the country with his family. His father, Suleyman Kerimov, was a businessman who owned several companies in the region. Dzheikhun’s father’s success in business inspired him to pursue a career in the industry. After completing his education, Dzheikhun started working for his father’s company, Suleyman Kerimov Foundation.

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Section 2: Career in Mining Industry

Dzheikhun’s interest in mining and natural resources led him to become involved in the industry. He started his career in mining in the early 2000s by investing in several mining companies in Russia. Over the years, he invested heavily in the mining industry and became a major shareholder in several companies, including Polyus Gold and Uralkali.

Section 3: Investments and Business Acquisitions

Dzheikhun’s success in the mining industry allowed him to expand his portfolio and invest in other industries, including finance and real estate. He acquired stakes in several financial institutions and real estate companies, including Sberbank and Domodedovo Airport.

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Section 4: Assets and Holdings

Dzheikhun’s net worth is estimated to be around $5.6 billion. His assets include a yacht, private jet, and several luxurious properties across the world. He also owns a football club, Anzhi Makhachkala, which plays in the Russian Premier League.

Section 5: Controversies

Dzheikhun’s wealth and business practices have been the subject of much controversy over the years. In 2006, he was accused of insider trading, which he denied. He was subsequently fined by authorities in France, but the case was later dropped. In 2010, he was involved in a car accident in France, which left him paralyzed from the waist down.

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Section 6: Philanthropic Endeavors

Dzheikhun and his family are known for their philanthropic activities. They have donated millions of dollars to various charities and causes, including education and healthcare.

Section 7: FAQs

1. How did Dzheikhun Kerimov make his fortune?
Dzheikhun Kerimov made his fortune through investments in the mining industry and by acquiring stakes in other companies in various industries.

2. What is Dzheikhun Kerimov’s net worth?
Dzheikhun Kerimov’s net worth is estimated to be around $5.6 billion.

3. What assets and holdings does Dzheikhun Kerimov have?
Dzheikhun Kerimov’s assets include a yacht, private jet, luxurious properties across the world, and a football club.

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4. What controversies has Dzheikhun Kerimov been involved in?
Dzheikhun Kerimov has been involved in controversies related to insider trading and a car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down.

5. What philanthropic activities has Dzheikhun Kerimov engaged in?
Dzheikhun and his family have donated millions of dollars to charities and causes related to education and healthcare.

6. How old is Dzheikhun Kerimov?
Dzheikhun Kerimov was born on January 4, 1968, which makes him 53 years old as of 2021.

7. What is Dzheikhun Kerimov’s nationality?
Dzheikhun Kerimov is a Russian national.


Dzheikhun Kerimov may not be a household name, but he is one of the richest people in the world. His wealth and business practices have been the subject of much controversy, but he has also engaged in philanthropic activities and donated millions of dollars to various charitable causes. Regardless of one’s personal opinion of him, Dzheikhun’s success is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and investors around the world.

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