James B. ‘Pop’ Kenton was a name not known to many until his death in early 2021. He was a simple man living in Ohio, who worked hard to support his family and did not pursue fame or fortune. However, after his death, it was discovered that he had a hidden fortune, and his net worth was worth millions. His story is one of hard work, persistence, and humble living. In this blog post, we will uncover the wealth of James B. ‘Pop’ Kenton and explore how he came to amass such a fortune.

1. Who was James B. ‘Pop’ Kenton?

James was an ordinary person living in Ohio, who enjoyed his job working at a railroad company. He lived a simple life and did not have any extravagant habits. He was known to his friends and family as a hardworking and humble man.

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2. How did James B. ‘Pop’ Kenton accumulate his wealth?

James had invested his money wisely over the years. He bought stocks and bonds, invested in real estate, and saved his money. He also worked hard at his job and lived a frugal lifestyle, which allowed him to save more money. He did not have any debts and owned his home outright.

3. What was James B. ‘Pop’ Kenton’s net worth?

After his death, it was discovered that James had a net worth of over $12 million. He had left most of his money to various charities and organizations that he had supported throughout his life.

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4. What was James B. ‘Pop’ Kenton’s philosophy on money?

James believed in living within his means and avoiding debt. He also believed in saving his money for the future and investing in things that would give him a good return. He lived a simple life and did not need any luxuries to be happy.

5. What can we learn from James B. ‘Pop’ Kenton’s story?

James’ story teaches us that hard work, persistence, and wise financial decisions can lead to great rewards. He lived a humble life but was able to leave a lasting legacy through his charitable work.

6. What charities did James B. ‘Pop’ Kenton support?

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James supported various charities such as the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and local food banks. He also donated to organizations that helped the homeless, veterans, and children with illnesses.

7. How can we honor James B. ‘Pop’ Kenton’s legacy?

We can honor James’ legacy by following his philosophy on money, living a simple life, and being charitable. We can also support the organizations that he supported and make a difference in our communities.


James B. ‘Pop’ Kenton’s story is an inspiring one. He lived a simple life but left a lasting legacy through his charitable work. His philosophy on money can teach us all valuable lessons on saving, investing, and giving back to our communities. By honoring his legacy, we can make a difference in the world and create a better future for ourselves and others.

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