It’s still going strong across the nation with Delta-8 THC. From cartridges and softgels to edibles and drinkables, they come in a wide selection of products. Their commonality is that they were all manufactured using delta-8 concentrates.

There may be a lot of confusion around delta-8 concentrates. Most of our delta-8 products are made from delta-8 distillate, which is an extract of THC.

The number of marijuana consumers turning to these legal delta-8 products is growing every day. It helps users new to cannabis ease into the industry by making it easier to access. Those who pick up the federally legal version of THC have their own reasons.

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Although everyone can learn more about concentrating and how to use it, there is still more to learn. The information in this guide is intended to give you an overview of the many ways that you can use delta-8 concentrates.

Delta-8 Concentrates – What Are They?

It is necessary to understand what cannabis concentrates are before we can discuss delta-8 concentrates. With each new refinement of the consumer experience, the cannabis industry makes considerable strides. In hemp products, concentrates are a versatile, effective way to deliver exactly what some consumers want.

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Delta-8 Concentrates: How They Differ

Although Delta-8 concentrates have some similarities to other forms of concentrates, they still possess a number of unique properties and processes. It’s important to know, however, that although delta-8 occurs naturally in hemp, its levels are low.

In hemp, Delta-8 accounts for only 1% of the total cannabinoid content. In order for hemp to produce this delta-8 THC, it must undergo a long and rigorous process. It is because of this reason that delta-8 products cost more than delta-9 products, which are much more abundant.

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The delta-8 concentrate is contained in all delta-8 products. There is no other way to ensure you have enough to use.

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Because delta-8 is always a concentrate, we have a variety of options and flavors for our customers to choose from. In the end, it comes down to personal preference as there is no inherently better product. To find out which one works best for you, you simply have to try them all.


The uses of delta-8 THC are abundant at the end of the day. Eating or taking capsules may be more your style; maybe you would rather inhale. Putting something on your skin might also be appealing. Delta-8 concentrates come in many forms, so you can choose the one that works best for you.

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In the end, it comes down to individual preference. All of the methods are valid, it just comes down to what you prefer. Test how you’ll react to this exciting and new world with a lower mg range to ease you into it. Experience the buzz around delta-8 for yourself!

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